Best Group games for ladies club

Are you searching for Group games for ladies club, you’re in the right place. Find bellow games for ladies.

1.       Tell me the name

Ø  Needs:

i)        you only need two bowls (small size)

ii)       Paper cuttings (as per the letter size)

Ø  How to play:

Write fruit, vegetable, Road, country, district, politician, etc. in some piece of papers then write alphabets like A, B, C,D, E, F, G, H, etc. on some piece of papers now put alphabets on the first bowl and put rest of the things on the other bowl. Now move the bowls and ask to choose one piece of paper from each bowl. For example, If you chose vegetable and from second bowl alphabet” C” then you have to say the name of the vegetable starting with “C”. It is one of the best group games for the ladies club.

Ø  Rules:

i)        Time For every member participating in this game is only 5 seconds.

ii)       If anyone unable to guess the name within the time limit then she is eliminated from the game.

iii)     While choosing participant is not allowed to look in the bowls.

iv)     If everyone said the correct answer then in the next round no one is allowed to the same answer which already told by someone.

v)      Who is last on the game is considered as the winner.

2.       Blue & Pink

Ø  Needs:

i)                    you only need two bangles (Normal size and different colour example red and gold colour )

ii)                   Paper cuttings (as per the members count if you have 20 members then you need 20 pieces)

iii)                 Music

Ø  How to play:

Write Blue and Pink in some piece of papers ( if you have 20 members in your group then write pink in 10 papers and blue in 10 papers ) then give paper pieces to every member(one paper for each member)  now give two bangles randomly. Next is to play music and move two bangles in the opposite direction.

Ø  Rules:

i)                    When music gets stopped to check who is holding two bangles if those participants having same colour paper piece then the red bangle the holder is eliminated from the game

ii)                   If those participants having different colour the paper piece then start the music again and no elimination.

iii)                 Music stopping time decided by the host only.

iv)                 Who is last on the game is considered as the winner.

3.       Cut my Number

Ø  Needs:

i)                    You only need a ludo dice.

ii)                   Paper cuttings and a full white paper (as shown on bellow the picture)

iii)                 Pen As per count of members.

Ø  How to play:

Write numbers 1-100 in the full paper. Give a piece of papers to each member and ask them to write 5 members between 01 and 100. Now roll the dice and cut the number appear on the dice from the main paper. If someone wrote the same number you cut in your main sheet then she also needs to cut his number from his page. It is also one of the best Kitty party games for ladies at home

Ø  Rules:

i)                    Game continues from the last Number you cut. Example you got 5 in first dice roll cut 5 and roll dice again and this time you got 2, start counting from 5 and cut 7.

ii)                   Number you cut from your main sheet cannot count again. For example, if you roll the dice and you got 5 then cut 5 from the main sheet, next round  if 5 is on your road skip that marked number.

iii)                 Whose 5 number is marked first is the winner.

These are the best fun kitty party games for ladies at home.

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